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  • Aug. 15, 2023, 2 a.m.
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How does a person go to bed on a Sunday night and wake up the next day thinking it’s Tuesday? This has happend to me more then once and then it takes me till hubby wakes up to tell me it’s only Monday and it’s still his weekend. And then I have to look at the laptop and the calander to make sure what the day is and the date. I felt like such a fool for not knowing what day it was and everything I am suppose to do today I thought I had to do yesterday like go to my appointment. But I am going to today and hopefully I will be getting a new charger. But then watch it work like it’s suppose to. That would be my luck.
I have found that everything that has a water issue it just stops leaking like the washer and now the sink and Because of this the slum lord won’t fix it.Like for a sink to be fixed why not just put in new screws and bolts? Then you know it will work and it wont drip water for at least a minute and a half.
I have to admit that I can be lazy and just not do things but the things I don’t do won’t get worse like pipes leaking or mold growing because of cold tempatures or because it’s hot and it starts to flake. But then there is no mold it’s juts water damage that has turned black.
It would be really nice to have this slumlord take a look at how she does things for her renters and the things she is doing to break the law. I still hear that idiot dog bark at people and run up and down the hallways and I don’t mind it for a few minutes but for minutes on end especially when I am sleeping makes me just want to strangal the dogs neck and her neck also. But then I won’t do that I will wait for a car to run the dog over and I will wait for the slumlord to have a medicle issue. The one thing I do see with the slum lord is that she is starting to slow down because I have noticed that her grass and flowers don’t look as nice as they once did and I see more dead plants and weeds in her grass but then maybe because she is 80 she doesn’t care? I have a feeling that she will sell the house and not tell us till it’s too late.
I think what my parents did was really smart. They sold their townhouse that I lived in and bought a one bedroom condo and have been there for more then 25 years and they have no desire to be moving to a care home. And when something needs to be fixed my parents will call someone to fix it because they want it done right and the cost isn’t an issue.
I think that when something doesn’t work right no matter how small it is it’s cheaper to fix it right away then to wait and it will cost more money. Like the crack in my laundry room floor. it’s only getting wider because the crack is now at both ends of the floor so that is the only direction it can go. And I can see that just under the crack it’s starting to crumble and I have read that it could cost more then $1500.00 dollars to fix where as before I metioned it it would have cost less then $500.00.
And since I have moved here everything that I have gotten in the way of electronics or things that plug in are energery efficiant and up to standard for saving money where as the slum lord is just paying more and more for electricity and gas because she doesn’t maintain anything or replace it. I have told her that she would save like 50% of what she is paying now but she is just too cheap. I can’t understand why anyone wouldn’t want to save money so they havemore money for something else?

Onto something else....

So do you think trump will end up convicted? Which case do you think it’s the most dangerous? I think it’s the Georgia case because he is being charged with racketeering and that is punashable by jail time. And plus he can’t nor anyone else pardon him for 10 years. He has to do his punishment plus wait 5 years then the parole people are the only ones who can pardon him. And if he does get convicted with the other cases will you still support him and vote for him even though he could be in jail?
And I was thinking that him calling te distric atterny who is overseeing this Georgia case actually did sleep with a gangster that she was prosicuting I am wondering why he doesn’t bring up Stormy Danials because he actually paid her to keep quiet where as Fannie did pay anything so she didn’t have the affair.
The thing I don’t get is how can trump sayhe did no wrong with a straight face? And if he really didn’t do these crimes then why isn’t he defending himself better? And maybe he should take a polygraph test for each crime he has been accused of and see how that turns out? I know if it were me I would just want to get all of this over and done with with I kow what my future might be and then I would know how much time I would have to waste being in jail. I couldn’t live withmyself saying I am not guilty when I know I am. He has to know what he did was wrong?

Onto something else…

I need to stop here and get some clothes on because going into the real world naked would not be a good idea.
Do have a great day…
Be Kind, Be Calm, Be Safe and Behave.

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theKat August 15, 2023

it is because you do not work... it happens to me all the time now I don't work

Jodie theKat ⋅ August 15, 2023

good thing it doesn't happen a lot.

toddslife August 15, 2023

when i for get what day it I do that to look at my phone or desktop for the date

Jodie toddslife ⋅ August 15, 2023

I look at my laptop and then the calander.

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