Hot! Hot! Hot! in I'm About To Have A Nervous Breakdown

  • Aug. 11, 2023, 4:34 a.m.
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I think I may have a little sunburn. Can’t really tell. I forgot to wear a hat when walking, remember I shave my head bald. So of course my forehead, shoulders and back feel hot. I walk in a tank top. No farmer’s tan for this fatty. I used Google Fit to track my progress. The route I take is roughly 2.2 miles. Sweet! I’m wondering how much the extender route is. I’ll find out tomorrow.

Court is at 10:30 AM. Dunno if I’ll go to Tenders after or not. Depends if it’s like last time where I took the widdle test and didn’t get out of court till almost 1 PM. I was starving.

In regards to last entry, my walk did make me feel somewhat better but still felt irritation towards everything. I’d understand if I wasn’t taking my meds but… I’m wondering if this is a side effect of the Naltrexone. I’ve only taken three doses? I see Dr. Ian next week (he who prescribed) so I’ll ask him. I don’t like getting uncontrollably angry at everything. I was like that for far too long till I was put on Paxil. I still feel like that if I don’t take them. This is what I mean by I’ll have to take this for life. It isn’t a mental health issue (technically) but there is some nook or cranny in my head that is missing it’s regulator for emotions. It’s not fun. I don’t like who I am when I get that way but I can’t control it without the medication.

I need to create a new book for this path I’m on. Chronicle my progress with the addictions and my broken brain. Hm, that’s a good book title. 🤔

My Broken Brain: Coming soon to a psychosis near you!

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