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  • Aug. 3, 2023, 2 a.m.
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Well she came to look at the dryer and all she did was shortened the air hose thing that goes from the bottom of the dryer to the outside
and I really see no difference in the heat. And I asked her to look at the leak under the sink and she said no. So I took everything out of that cupbord and it’s sitting on the kitchen floor now. And she also said that if I move my freezer and it defrosts at anytime on the wood floor she will sue me. But then I can sue her also because she won’t fix the crack in the cement floor. But I told hubby I want the freezer moved against the wall but I don’t think that will work either because the room heats up with heat when the dryer is on and it doesn’t matter what setting it’s on.
I have been hearing a person walking like an elephant and wondered why they can’t walk without shoes when in the house and I found out yesterday that her daughter is here for a visit from Georgia (near Russia) I just hope she isn’t here for long because the walking is loud no matter where she walks in the house.
And the slum lord has a leak in her second bathroom that she said was fixed but isn’t and I don’t think she will fix it right because she is going to fix it herself and she might have to rip out the floor and wall to see where it’s leaking from. So now I have to make sure that mold doesn’t appear in my bathroom closet. I just hope it won’t be growing inside the wall.
I even told her that since she stopped listening to me that we will always have a crappy relationship because she has the attitude that this is her house and she doesn’t have to fix anything and I am terrified that things will get worse and she will blame it on me and then evict me. But she can’t do that because there is no good reason and what needs to be fixed is not my doing it’s all hers.
Oh and when she came down to look at the dryer she just walked in and knocked on the inside door that goes into my kitchen. I wish she would stop that. I don’t just walk into her house even if the door is unlocked or opened and I wish she would have the same consideration for me. So the next time she come down I will be telling her to knock and wait for me to answer the door. She is lucky I wasn’t holding a knife or a gun.
The thing is I can’t trust her to fix things and I have to be there so I know she isn’t breaking anything else that I would be accused of breaking. Anyways I need to move on to something else…

Hopefully today I will have the energy to finsih what I wanted to do yesterday becasue yesterday she came so late in the day that I couldn’t do everything, but today I am going to try to get it done. I am just worried that when the dryer is on that it will continue to heat up the laundry room which in turn makes my freezer feel warm on the outside. And I have to use the permentent press cycle for the dryer which means the timed option still gets too hot so there for she didn’t fix the problem. So now I am waiting for the dryer to actually stop. And catch on fire.

I made my spagetti and meat sauce and it turned out really good and there was zero fat in the ground beef because I grounded up the meat from a costco roast and it was nice and flavourful.
And tonight I am thinking chicken done in the airfryer. with fresh vegetables and rice of some sort.

Anyways I need to stop here..
Do have agreat day…
Be Kind, Be Calm, Be Safe and Behave.

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Nocturne August 03, 2023

As my friend says "OFFS!!!"

Jodie Nocturne ⋅ August 03, 2023

Is OFFS an acranym? if so for what?

Nocturne Jodie ⋅ August 03, 2023

It means Fuck the Hell Off! LOL

Jodie Nocturne ⋅ August 03, 2023

oh okay I am going to use that..

Nocturne August 03, 2023

Meaning... fuck them.

toddslife August 03, 2023

a guy above me walks around all night which is shoes on all night and I can't sleep

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