august 3 in idea barrages

  • Aug. 2, 2023, 7:17 p.m.
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  1. On his first visit to Earth, Groot was very disappointed to discover what a “leaf blower” actually was. “What did you THINK it was?” Nebula asked him. He shrugged “I am Groot?” “You WOULD think that.”

  2. A buddy-cop movie reboot about Tango and Cash’s daughters Kari Tango and Meg Cash called CASH AND KARI.

  3. I helped family with a medical appointment today early morning so a co-worker covered for me at my job and I took the day off. When I got home, I went to sleep and had a series of dreams about exploring rooms of my family’s house that do not exist, labyrinthine attics and sub-basements, full of treasures that do not exist in real life but were soul-shatteringly nostalgic for me in the dream world. I kept finding something amazing that never existed, briefly waking up, and going back into the dream having lost my progress and my way but back at it again. Back into a quest for tokens of wonderful half-forgotten things that never actually happened, getting more lost in places that never were but felt like home. This must’ve cycled through 50 times over four or five hours of fitful sleep.

  4. The inside of a 7Up machine is a lymonal space.

  5. Slim Goodbody’s terrible rap-rock band is called Lymph Biscuit.

  6. Between the motivational speeches and the delicious pierogies, Mr and Mrs T are a real power couple.

  7. I used to really hate “Memories” on Facebook because it reminded me of all the things that have changed, that I’ve lost. I’m better with it now. It still stings sometimes but I try to remind myself, that’s just a record of how many people I’ve been, how often I’ve endured, survived. It’s still bittersweet but I get some positive out of it.

  8. There is a great joke, somewhere, in the legend that the dish puttanesca was invented to lure people into brothels and the word “pastatute”.

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