july 26 in idea barrages

  • July 26, 2023, 12:13 a.m.
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  1. I enjoy the term “athleisure” not because I would look good in those clothes but, rather, because it suggests competitive leisure and makes me feel like I could win a gold medal yet.

  2. Cargo shorts are just Schrodinger’s khakis.

  3. The more abstract a concept being sold in a youtube ad, the better chance it is a scam. Is someone selling you a book or a toy or some physical item? Maybe overpriced but probably legit. If they’re trying to sell you “health” or God help you an investment, run like hell.

  4. “Soixante-neuf!” “Nice.”

  5. If you zip it up in your jeans, that’s just a penis fly trap.

  6. In Australia, if you’re being really awful, you could be called a “digeridouche”.

  7. I feel like we could squeeze a good mash up out of Allman Bros “Melissa” and the Stones “Wild Horses”.

  8. A punk rock dating site called Plenty of Filth.

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