july 16 in idea barrages

  • July 15, 2023, 8:29 p.m.
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  1. In WARHORSE 2: FIGHT TIL YOU’RE HOARSE, the warhorse works in weapons development and invents neighpalm.

  2. Almost asleep, our hero jumps out of bed with the realization that Red Green was the Canadian Larry the Cable Guy before Larry the Cable Guy.

  3. If KISS was any cool at all, they’d rent out the space next to Eminem’s “Mom’s Spaghetti” and open up an Asian-American fusion restaurant called “Detroit Wok City”.

  4. Gnostics & Cathars saw this world’s creator as blinded, flawed, a cruel crazed Demiurge beneath true divinity & that’s why there’s evil & death. They sought to reject & transcend it. Did they ever consider trying to return its vision instead? How would one heal God, I wonder.

  5. If Freddy Kreuger had been in Scream, they would’a called him Grossface Killer.

  6. The earliest discoveries of concepts put down into words in ancient Athens were written in Greece pencil.

  7. The fact that they didn’t call fossilized mammoth bones SKELEPHANTS is just more proof I should be in charge of naming things.

  8. Yes, the expiry of the Winnie the Pooh IP’s copyright led to a public-domain horror movie but I wonder when we’re getting around to 101 DAMNATIONS.

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