july 12 in idea barrages

  • July 11, 2023, 8:45 p.m.
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  1. I like to think that at least one of the roads in BLOWIN’ IN THE WIND was the road they traveled down and back again in the GOLDEN GIRLS theme.

  2. The only difference between peanut brittle and baked beans in amber are how much work you’re willing to put into it.

  3. I hope that there has been at least one argument amongst academics that culminated in the line “Yeah, well, P.H.DEEZ NUTS!”

  4. If you think about it, 69 is the opening number.

  5. I head canon that the song the guy in “hey Mr. Fantasy” would end up playing would be “can’t you see” because they kinda involve the same guitar parts.

  6. A wizard or witch so powerful they have a vampire in their debt that they take with them antiquing, just to see which antique mirrors are actually backed in silver.

  7. The more you do with your time off, the longer the time off feels. It’s proportionally inverse to how well rested you feel from your time off but, like, that’s Einstein for you.

  8. A soft reboot / sequel to HEAVEN’S GATE called HELL’S GATE. One minute longer than Avatar 2, just to piss off Jim’s Big Ego.

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