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  • July 8, 2023, 2:01 p.m.
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  1. Trying my best to be a good person is like chasing the horizon or the half lives of radioactive elements. I improve but there’s always new things I have to learn how to work on. I’m well-intentioned but every new challenge finds new flaws to overcome. I keep chasing nonetheless.

  2. Swede Caroline! Leaving IKEA feels so good! (So good! So good! So good!)

  3. If the Supply Chain is delivering Christmas decorations is it then also a Jesus and Mary Chain?

  4. Why do hipsters always have burns on their lips? Because they drank soup before it was cool.

  5. Conspiracy theory horse, walkin’ around with a sign “The End is Neigh”.

  6. Temu is just wish dot com with a fresh coat of paint and wish dot com is just the Dollar Tree with 10 weeks for shipping.

  7. You sit behind the front desk and tell people, both on the phone and in person, sometimes even in email, that the boss is not in, even though the boss is in, because she or he tells you to do so. You are the office deceptionist.

  8. How about Mood Hair? Some kind of hair dye that makes the hair colour change with body heat? I don’t know how you’d pull off the science but I bet you could get a decent fad run out of it.

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