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  • June 6, 2023, 6:43 p.m.
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People seriously interpret things the way they want to. For instance yesterday, I was telling my friend how I was worried that the girl he was with may not know that he’s a man whore and is trying to find hook ups in other cities and she responds with how that’s his shit and for me to not say anything because he’ll just make me look bad if I do. I was so confused because not once did I mention letting that cat out of the bag! I don’t care what the guy does, I was merely saying I just don’t want anything coming to light while my child is there and her having to witness and knock down drag out fight between them!! Like wtf!

Again, I agree that is HIS OWN SHIT! I am not worried about his private life unless it could affect my child and her being comfortable. That’s why at this point because no one cares how I feel and twist everything I say, I am just going to be done talking about all of this. It doesn’t make a bit of difference what this guy has done to me or my daughter and what he’s left me with. I need to quit trying to make sense of it or wait for other people to give a shit. No one does.

My daughter is getting ready to go with her big to that event. It’s like a 2 hour thing. I’ll get a break but then after this I won’t probably get another break until my appointment Friday afternoon. The place I’m trying to get her into next month is supposed to have hundreds of openings according to my brother so I’m just really praying that she’s gonna get to go there or it’s going to make for a really long Summer yet again.

It’s been a pretty chill day though. I made cheeseburgers for lunch and we’ve stayed in where it’s cool. I know she’s gonna want to go out in the heat at some point here soon which is fine but I’m not going to want to every single day. I’m glad that it’s still cooling off at night because here pretty soon it’s going to be hot and stay that way every minute of the fucking day.

I haven’t gotten any mail today. I’m waiting to hear anything about the modification. I called yesterday and updated his address and put his phone number on the paperwork but chances are he’ll dodge all this like he’s always done.

It’s just so frustrating dealing with this guy. I know I went into this a month ago and decided I wasn’t going to block him again because of parental alienation but I can only handle so many lies, lack of consistency before I finally fucking snap. I tend to become really angry and depressed dealing with him and I’ve reached my limit. When I have him blocked not only do I not have to deal with him but I can just forget about him which does wonders for my mental health. I’m on my own and it’s going to stay that way so why have contact with him where he just makes me feel worse about everything.

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