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  • May 31, 2023, 6:25 p.m.
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Okay so today he wanted to take her to which I respond with asking about the weekend as I don’t want to keep disrupting the school week and worry about her not getting enough sleep. He was into taking her for the weekend and then decided to back out. I’m pretty tired of him only wanting her when he feels like it and it ended up a small argument where I told him until there’s a court order that I was done and he wrote back, “see you in court” and it’s like okay don’t tease me with a good time!!

I’ve read a lot about how the high conflict co-parent with threaten court as they feel frustrated when they don’t get their way and how it’s also coercive control. I honestly thought about trying to smooth it over but I’m not going to be threatened nor do I want to make him feel like I’m giving in to his threats. Again, I think it would be in the best interest of MY DAUGHTER if there was an order and he was to be consistent because otherwise, it’s always going to be like this. He doesn’t have to have any real commitment to her and he knows it. I also think it’s disgusting where it’s like he wants her early in the week so he can go into the weekend knowing he’s already seen her so he doesn’t have to feel guilty while he’s sitting in the fucking bar!!!

Again, I just feel like things would be so much better with a court order because then, I’d get to have a life as well. There’s never been any real consideration how his selfishness affects my daughter and myself. It’s just disgusting. I’m also already sick of how many times he’s threatened me with court. Don’t talk about it, BE ABOUT IT!!! Please! Fucking do it bro!!! I’d love to see you in a spot where you actually initiate getting your parenting time and still bail out so the fucking courts get to see your bullshit as well!!

I reminded him that she’s not just a fun game and she’s seeing how hurtful this is. He was to take her Friday, never heard from him. He wanted her Monday, never heard back. He wanted her tonight and I was trying to compromise for the weekend, where he fucking bailed so that’s why I’m done until there’s a fucking court order. He doesn’t even bother to call and check in with her and ask how she’s doing!! She goes days without hearing a fucking word! I don’t know where he thinks any of this shit is actually being a fucking parent but I’m seriously fucking done and over it!!

It’s whatever. Again, if the devil can’t reach you then he’s going to send a deadbeat baby Daddy! I also think it’s cute he claims he’s got to ‘work’ all weekend after quitting his fucking job again and I don’t think going to the bar and getting drunk is exactly work. He’s never taken her on a weekend in almost 6 years now and I feel that’s just another way to control me. Why the fuck does he get to have a life and I don’t??! Huh?! I’m sorry but after 6 years my anger is fucking boiling over! Grow up you worthless sack of human garbage! Doesn’t anyone think that I should get a break on a god damn weekend?!

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