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  • May 30, 2023, 10:11 p.m.
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So I decided to message my friend that worked with him and he did in fact quit and was making at least $15/hr. I put it in the CS calculator and he could end up paying a pretty penny. I’m seriously so disgusted by his lies at this point and this is part of the reason why I’ve chosen to have very little to do with him all these years. I’m just over it.

I’m sure he quit so he could have another care free Summer and he won’t have any money but he’ll still make his way to the bar like he’s always done.

I just can’t get over how this guy just leaves me high and dry but I’m not supposed to ever get pissed about this. It’s not like I could ever bank on him helping with her physically so I could work and he just won’t consistently pay CS so I don’t know what in the holy fuck I’m to do.

School’s out Friday and then we are going to be pretty bored a lot of the time for at least a month while he gets to be out doing whatever he wants and once again, all the responsibility falls on me.

He gets to pick and choose seeing her, pick and choose getting enrolled, pick and choose paying CS and I’m not to say a fucking word. Then we all wonder why the fuck I have anger issues?!

My life has been affected negatively by this person for so long that I don’t even know what I would do if I didn’t have to deal with it anymore. I’d probably be happy. I wish I could find a guy that would help me raise my child so that I could work and be a normal fucking person. This is definitely not the life I wanted for myself of sitting around worrying all the time about money or my car breaking down or what I’m going to do if I have an appointment because there’s no one reliable to watch my kid but he gets to run around and do whatever the fuck he wants.

No one can ever figure out why women are scorned. Well, look at what we deal with. I guess I should feel fortunate that I’ve received at least some CS and he’s at least made some effort with my child over the years because a lot of women don’t even get that. There’s men out here that have never paid a fucking dime and never even met their children. I am just so tired of being drug down by someone else’s poor choices that I could fucking puke.

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