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  • May 29, 2023, 3:36 p.m.
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So yesterday we went to my brothers and decided to BBQ. He watched my kid so I could get my eyes checked. I ordered some new glasses. They weren’t the ones I wanted and they didn’t have the best selection but it’s whatever. The sales guy was annoying as fuck and I just wanted to get it over with. It was pretty hot yesterday and we hung out outside under shelter while it poured down rain.

They were telling me that they had my Mom babysit at some point for 2 hours and about 5 minutes after they left, my niece was texting them saying she was getting into all their food. I guess my brother had bought her cigarettes, had to go pick her up and then she opened a can of soda where she didn’t drink it all but just took a sip and left it in the fridge. I remember how many times she did that same shit at my house.

I’m honestly glad that it’s happened to them so now they have some insight as to what I dealt with for a year an half with her babysitting at my house. It was so costly and stressful. She basically came over to eat and be a fucking mooch. I honestly don’t think I’ll ever forgive my Mom for all the shit she pulled during that time. It was bullshit that she took advantage of the fact that we wanted her around and that I needed her to babysit so I could make my daughter and I some money and all I did was replace everything she ate or wasted!! I also got to replace all the shit the kids got into and ruined because she didn’t watch them.

Numerous times I would say something in the nicest way possible about how we really need to not eat so much because I only got so much help with groceries and she would either ignore me or respond with a nasty remark. She seriously had no more regard for my child having food than she did for me when we grew up dirt fucking poor and they couldn’t afford to feed us. We had nothing as kids and she wanted to turn around make sure my kid grew up the same way. I remember telling my friend that I didn’t know how long I was going to put up with this shit.

It’s sad when you’re own Mother would do this kinda stuff knowing you are a single Mom and the Dad doesn’t pay CS! It’s like she wanted to help make my situation even worse so that I was more dependent on her but all it did was make it easier for me to not even ask for her to babysit because it was pointless. Everything I made went to buying her cigarettes, giving her gas money and then replacing everything that was eaten or fucking wasted.

All she did was basically use me and her little boyfriend. She would came stay for a few days, eat all of our food and then go do it to him as well. She really had no fucking choice but to go home where my Dad and little brother were used to putting up with her shit. It took me a really long time to realize that she’s toxic even without my Dad and I’m glad that I would NEVER treat my child the way I’ve been treated.

It’s pretty disheartening to know that she wasn’t coming around because she wanted to spend time with my child, but to gain from it. My brother has gone the through the same thing with her and that’s why we don’t really ask her to watch our kids. It makes me very much enraged that my kid has never mattered to her other than to mooch off of me, as if things aren’t bad enough for us.

I also get tired of dealing with people where if you need something from them they take it as you aren’t to have any kind of boundaries whatsoever. She acted like if I needed her to babysit than I shouldn’t have cared that she was eating all of our food making it harder for us to get by. I take that as abuse in it’s own way. I like knowing I can take care of my child and I don’t need anyone coming around making it next to impossible because they’re selfish. I get where my brother is coming from saying that she has trauma but why are we still having to suffer for the fact that she’s wasted 40 years with a piece of shit that refused to work?! I’m not going to sit back and watch my kid go hungry because she’s a fucking selfish basketcase!!

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