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  • May 22, 2023, 8:51 p.m.
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  1. No, the WEIRDEST parody of all time would be of Fiona Apple’s “Criminal” that starts with the line “I’ve been a bad bad Terl / I’ve been reckless on a battlefield called Earth”.

  2. Domino rally art is just Western Hemisphere sand mandala art.

  3. The more things a multi-tool can do, the less chance it does any of them well but in a pinch, when there are unrelated emergencies to hand, being able to do a bunch of odd things well-enough could save everything. Humans too. Our utility is defined by the situation we end up in.

  4. Today’s Eminem parody line is “And Dr. Dog says… nothing you idiot, Dr. Dog’s a dog, they don’t speak English”.

  5. I never realized that Sister Golden Hair and Lennon’s Love is Real are pretty much the same song at waaaaaaay different speeds.

  6. His pet-name for her was “Hi-C” for truly hers was the box that rocks.

  7. The most ironic thing would be if the mountain from Mountain Dew was actually Mount Shasta.

  8. The “American comics are woke, Anime is based” bros are wild. Beyond wild. I don’t know if you could misunderstand both American & Japanese culture as much as these guys on PURPOSE, let alone not getting that those concepts don’t mean the same thing in other cultures. It’s nuts.

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