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  • May 20, 2023, 5:38 p.m.
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  1. They’re just gonna keep trying to make Percy Jackson happen, aren’t they? “Until we have the rights to Harry Potter,” some executive says, briefly raising his head from the pile of cocaine, “we’re gonna try to make this Harry Potter!”

  2. The weirdest part of decorating your bar is sorting through the stool samples.

  3. It’s no longer about knowing a whole lot about a few things. It’s about knowing enough about most things to know how to find out more, how to sift truth from lie & how to string truths together effectively. That’s why a liberal arts education is MORE important today, not less.

  4. If you don’t defeat Tjuurmaan, the IKEA minotaur at the centre of the world’s most boring store, in single combat, you are never allowed to leave. Or if you spend 200 dollars on particle board stuff you could never and will never build. Best to take your chance with the bull.

  5. Some days, the best you can say is that you realized Triumph’s “Lay It On The Line” and Rick Derringer’s “Rock and Roll, Hoochie Koo” are the exact same song. Some days, that’s accomplishment enough.

  6. Head-canon where April O’Neil is the reincarnation of Belle from Beauty and the Beast. Same colour palette, both women of words. The problem is, that proooooooooobably makes Splinter into the Beast and, like, I dunno. That might be a fic too far.

  7. It’s called “fondant” because the only thing “fond” of it is “ant”s.

  8. You know what’d be a weird internet challenge? An eating contest where you gotta tackle one portion of everything on the Boston Market menu in one sitting and it’s called “The Boston Marathon”.

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