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  • May 18, 2023, 10:29 p.m.
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  1. The more events you have a wall with a bunch of company logos that you can have a picture taken against, as if it’s an awards show red carpet, the less they’ll mean. Soon the stars will have them banned as they seem too much like something the “normals” do.

  2. The Paul Giamatti “Terrible Albert Einstein” Verizon ads just make me sad. Why does he need the money this bad? Divorce? Did he lose it all in crypto? Considering his dad and Pete Rose, I hope it wasn’t a gambling thing, that’d be poetically unfortunate.

  3. Easy money. You get a company together, distilling vodka and then steeping it in marijuana and you call your company “High Proof”. Even better pun if you were previously a lawyer!

  4. You tried to end the magical effect but all that happened was your hair became shiny and clean. “Ohhhh,” you realize, “I wanted Dispell Magic but I did Dis Prell Magic.”

  5. The optimal name for a metal band is, of course, DEATHALYZER TEST.

  6. What a weird situation in Utica. To change your name from “college” to “university”, implying a more robust more varied undergraduate education and immediately slashing half your liberal arts programs because “there’ s no jobs in them, LOL” is… a choice?

  7. Cocktail pitch: The Leatherstocking. Local maple syrup, local apples, Dan Akroyd’s vodka that’s filtered through local quartz. No idea how you would balance those flavours, I have a TV/Radio/Film degree for God’s sake, but it’s an idea.

  8. If every television show’s theme song was the theme song from TAXI, I can’t say I could complain.

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