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  • May 10, 2023, 12:32 p.m.
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  1. The problem with wanting to be a tether between others is it means you’re tethered too. If you want to be a spider feeling all the web’s vibrations, it means you’re stuck on the web. It isn’t necessarily bad but holding onto yourself while doing that takes… balance.

  2. When does arthouse fully move to a non-profit public radio/library model? For-profit in home distribution but for in-person screenings, shown in non-profit spaces funded through donation and/or gov’t/academic subsidy? I mean, print news is headed there too.

  3. After all, what is an airport if not a shopping mall where you are imprisoned in for hours in hopes you’ll buy a magazine or some trail mix at a 200% mark-up?

  4. Lately my brain has been mashing up “Steal My Sunshine” by Len and “Summer Girls” by LMFAO and you’d think it wouldn’t work but it TOTALLY does.

  5. Why say “trucking dispatcher” when you could say “semi-conductor”?

  6. Never realized how most Spider-Man villains have names that also fit edgelord tacticool knives. CARNAGE. VENOM. PROWLER. SANDMAN. SCORPION. RHINO. Something in gas station zombie neon could be THE GREEN GOBLIN. A weird mall-ninja thing with eight blades, DOCTOR OCTOPUS, sure.

  7. If Jesus does return, I hope He’s a Rocky Horror Fan and His first public word back is “…pation.”

  8. At the next big DC multiversal cross over, I hope Zatanna and Jonah Hex get fused together into a Western mystic called Reverse Cowgirl.

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