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  • May 8, 2023, 3:41 p.m.
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  1. When I came to realize there are people who use “funny” for radically different ideas, things started to make sense. Some folks call “funny” the feeling they get from having their worldview reinforced. I don’t find that funny, personally, but it’s not that they’re wrong, exactly, it’s that we’re talking two different languages. To me, having my ideas challenged, forcing me to think differently is what’s funny. But we all use the same word for two deeply dissimilar experiences.

  2. At a boxing match, you buy your beer and popcorn at the concussion stand.

  3. Australian slang seems kinda rushed in development. “McDonalds” “Macca”. “Documentaries” “Doccos”. Just take the first syllable, double the last consonant, append the end with the main vowel. To be fair, they’re quite busy fighting giant spiders and poison tree bears, little time for linguistic variation.

  4. LCD Soundsystem’s “New York I Love You But You’re Bringing Me Down” has been mashed up with “Empire State Of Mind” and that one Miles Davis horn solo separately. “Empire State of Mind” has also been mashed up with “Bacon Pancakes”. Okay. Now mash ALL FOUR TOGETHER.

  5. They’re… still making Hunger Games movies? Really. They should honestly be full by now.

  6. If you had a scammy pay-to-win mobile game where if you reach a super-high level you are awarded with a legally-dubious Scottish title, you’d have the perfect company to sponsor youtube videos. Maybe you could order pre-made meal kits through it to keep playing!

  7. The frustrating thing about my life, other than the obvious things everyone deals with, is the way I feel like I can be quite clever, insightful,, charming… for tiny bursts… but the majority of my waking life I’m dulled by anxiety & habits & responsibility into something barely adequate, minimally functional. I think it’s why I love performing or reading my stories out loud so much… I can be a little jewel of my best self before reverting to being a clumsy absent-minded ogre for the other 23.5 hours, that I feel cursed to be. Or maybe everyone feels like this? I’ve only ever been me. Maybe other people just don’t talk about it as much.

  8. Our culture’s obsession w/ endings is something I get tripped up on. In film, they ride off into the sunset with the implication things will be wonderful forever or at least til a distant peaceful death. But in real life the sun comes up again the next day & life keeps moving on.

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