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  • May 4, 2023, 11:07 p.m.
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  1. All the Robins form a rock band and go on tour. Dracula shows up backstage after their Romanian show to congratulate them on their performance. “Ah, the children of the Knight,” he says, “what beautiful music you make.”

  2. Even though it has a population that could easily justify incorporating as a city, it remains Flavortown, mostly as a tax dodge for Fieri, not needing to pay for its own police force, being only patrolled by deputies of the sheriff for Flavorcounty.

  3. You receive a “Be Mine” Valentine. You go to the address on the card. You are shackled and given a pick. There was a misspelling! You are now stuck mining for precious precious bees. Black and yellow gold. Flying tea.

  4. Not all my parody ideas are “good” some just “interesting”. Just now I was singing to “Truckin” : “sometimes the wasps keep landing on me, other times I’m attacked by bees, lately it occurs to me, that the bugs just aren’t my friends”. Not funny but notably odd.

  5. One thing I didn’t know when I activated instagram was that it had a rate of friend requests that were just scam pornobots higher than all the other social media combined. I think I have requests from, like, half the bots in Russia, at this point.

  6. In the prop box from a long-forgotten stage production of JASON AND THE ARGONAUTS, they found an old navy performance fleece.


  8. With all the weirdness at D&D, I’ve been looking at Pathfinder 2E and, man, the character creation is overwhelming. Too many choices & WAY too many choices locked in from the start. I like a simple plan at start so a character’s mechanics can evolve with the campaign.

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