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  • May 2, 2023, 1:23 p.m.
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  1. You know what would be the beautifully stupidest Marvel - Disney mash-up, though? Spider-Man’s Carnage and Talespin’s Don Karnage.

  2. If you try to hide in plain sight by reading THE STRANGER, you are well Camus-flaged.

  3. If his name is “Mister T” it stands to reason that his testicles be referred to as “Boba balls”.

  4. You’re the only person for whom you’re the centre of their universe. No one’ll ever know you well enough to love you as you know yourself. No one’ll ever you well enough to hate you as you know yourself. It’s a double edged sword but both are important to know.

  5. I know, I know, I like to make people laugh but it’s not a bit. I’m not double-fisting coffee and iced tea as a bit. I’m doing it to stay awake. I am not one of those “oh ha ha, don’t talk to me before my coffee!” people. I am literally tricking my body into consciousness with chemicals.

  6. A ghost-hunting procedural show called GHOSTBUSTERS: SPECTRAL VICTIMS UNIT. Make this show, you cowards. Not as a fake-ass reality show where hipsters pretend that radio static means the place is haunted. Scripted. Hour-long. Weekly.

  7. I love nerdy things much as anyone but ultimately, there’s something kind of IDIOCRACY about making May 4th a holiday for Star Wars, a for-profit corporate intellectual property or March 10th for Super Mario, the same. It’s kinda dystopian to have festivals owned by corporations.

  8. Stop worrying about having “the perfect beach body”. The only person with a “perfect beach body” is Spider-Man’s fremeny The Sandman. Unless you have the exact correct radioactive accident by a sand dune, you’re never going to have that. Let go.

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