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  • April 24, 2023, 6:11 p.m.
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  1. If only listening to John Nougat-Mallowmar was physically possible for me, without bleeding from my eyes, ears and a few other places, I could probably whip up a quality parody about My Little Pony called “Little Pink Horses”.

  2. When you come to understand that professional wrestling is just drag for straight dudes, burlesque for jacked dudes, that they all come flow from the lines of sideshow and vaudeville, it all just crystalizes how important The Weird Arts truly are.

  3. Try to convince someone that the acclaimed Chinese novel THE THREE-BODY PROBLEM is about a middle-aged couple at a bar telling a younger woman across the room they “really like your energy” and “want to hang out”.

  4. A biography of the cushion inventor Sealington Posturpedic called “If I Were A Bedding Man”.

  5. A Northern Californian newspaper with an op-ed column called “In My Humboldt Opinion”.

  6. British rappers, however, love it when you call them “Big Proper”.

  7. A film about trying to unionize the Mole People called BERNIE TO THE CENTRE OF THE EARTH.

  8. An album of 2nd degree parodies, parodies of other peoples’ parodies, would have to be anchored by a parody of Weird Al’s “Eat It” about the television character Edith Bunker.

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