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  • April 23, 2023, 4:11 a.m.
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  1. It’s funny how the British monarchy works now, no longer directly powerful but a useful distraction from the myriad actual problems in the UK. They used to have all the bread, now they’re the distracting circus for the people who actually do. It’s wild.

  2. In the 60s, Mentos & The Altoids coulda been a rock band. In the 70s, a comic book by Gold Key. Here in the future, nah, just breath mints.

  3. Sex with Eve in the Garden was the first instance of stick-to-your-rib goodness.

  4. A nu-metal parody about the blanket from Mr. Mom called “I Did It All For The Woobie”.

  5. Unconsciousness before unconscientiousness.

  6. Back when pennies were still made out of copper, wasn’t the “Statue of Liberty” really just “Maid of Money”?

  7. Has there ever been a, like, reverse Psych, where the detective actually has psychic powers but they do their best to reverse-engineer the telepathy or psychometry or visions or whatever so that everyone thinks they’re a deductive super-genius?

  8. (sung to the tune of The Wonderful Thing about Tiggers) The troubling thing about tribbles is tribbles are troubling things. They’ll eat up all of the butter and make kids faster than lightning. They’re fuzzy-wuzzy-scuzzy multiplying scum, but the very most troubling thing about tribbles is there’s another one. And there’s another one.

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