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  • April 12, 2023, 8:22 p.m.
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  1. Nightmares? Oh yeah, they’re terrible. They’re awful but they don’t last. They suck but they pass. Dreams, those are the ones that’ll get you. Dreams stick to your bones, reminding you they aren’t real, every moment you’re asleep and every waking moment too. Dreams are the real daggers.

  2. Every day in every way, Jack White looks more and more like he’s Evan Peters’ grandpa.

  3. You don’t own anything. Never have, never will. Everything will pass, including yourself, and anything you’ve wrested a temporary control over will pass too. Perhaps long before you, perhaps long after you. At most, you are its custodian, at very best, its steward. That’s all.

  4. Scrubbin’ Bubble had to choose which one of his children would live and which would die, it was a real Soapy’s Choice.

  5. If my father were still alive, he would definitely take a nip of the dog’s fancy chicken jerky strips, just to test if the dog is eating better than he is. My father was a master at committing to the bit. He was rad that way.

  6. “83% of Actually-Happened memes didn’t actually happen” - Socrates

  7. I wonder if Skeletor made Evil-Lyn call him “Seductor” in the sack.

  8. Considering how every marijuana edible seems to be in the shape of a movie-theatre candy, everything they sell behind the glass counter at a movie theatre is now officially a virgin edible.

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