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  • April 10, 2023, 2:45 a.m.
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M has been discharged!!! I was not thinking it was going to happen, he had IV meds when I got there at 8. But after they kicked in he ate his breakfast unassisted, walked around the room, we had great conversations, even his nurse was impressed. They even had a whole conversation about the guys watch, it was hilarious (because it was about a watch, the conversation had no intrinsic humour).
The nurse told us the doc would be by to discuss what was next, and when he came by just after lunch, he gave M the option of one more night, or discharge that afternoon. M didn’t hesitate to say this afternoon.
And then the adventure began. We packed up his room, and headed to the pharmacy, who didn’t have the prescriptions ready. So we went to the room, did some laundry and organizing, then back to the pharmacy, then we had a whole bunch of phone calls to make. M’s course director, my Maj, the airline (refunded) the train (partial refund), also ordering dinner, meeting the guy in the foyer. It was a lot.
But I’m here with M until we drive back home, together.
And M 100% agreed about the work party, but also reminded me that we’re not in basic, we’re allowed to use the elevator instead of the stairs. I’d totally forgotten that was even an option.
So, it’s good. The best its been since last weekend.
But it’s killing me to not be able to touch my husband. Hehe

Jigger April 10, 2023

Be safe! But I'm so glad you've got him back. The caretaker role is no joke.

sarahbaby. April 10, 2023

This is wonderful news!

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