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  • April 8, 2023, 11:23 p.m.
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I seriously doubt it will happen, but today was a much better day and the doc implied that M could leave tomorrow.

There’s two stages that I think are confusing people in my previous entry. When I said “go home”, I meant to OUR home. When he’s discharged he’s going back to the hotel room he’s been staying in. A hotel where you have to walk a block or so to get food isn’t great for a person who shuffles his way fully supported 10’ to the bathroom.
We think he’s going to be sent home by his course director. And right now M agrees with that. He was really struggling on this unit, and that was even before the headaches he was suffering for the 3 days prior to the hospitalization. He’s going to miss even more once he’s discharged. I’m not sure when the next test is, but chances of him passing it are slim. And it’s probably better to be taken off for a medical than fail an exam and use the medical situation as an explanation.
Also if he’s sent home I can help him get there. He’s on narcotics so he’s not allowed to drive, and he has a truck and a hotel room full of stuff that requires moving. I’m hoping to extend my leave using compassionate days so I can help him get home.
I’m also hoping that his course mates form a work party and it’s not all on me to pack his fucking truck.
who knows how it will all unfold.

The thing is, in reality, M is still using IV painkillers, in addition to oral ones. He won’t be discharged until he’s not using IV meds anymore. Who knows what will happen over night, but he had the last dose of IV meds just after 5pm.
But the difference between him yesterday and today could not be greater. Even yesterday’s lucid period doesn’t compare to todays. That hour or two was an anomaly.
He was a wreck at breakfast this morning. It took him almost an hour to eat a small cup of yogurt and get 5 pills into him. He couldn’t even hold a bottle up to his face, he had to use a straw while I held the bottle. But he ate lunch while I was out (also getting lunch for myself, visitors can’t eat at the hospital, which is a huge pain in the ass) But then he ate his entire dinner in like, 15 minutes, drank a tea and ate dessert in another 10.
He hadn’t thrown up all day, and I hope tonight stays that way.
So who knows, maybe tomorrow by 10am he’ll be deemed ready to leave. I haven’t cancelled my train or flight for Monday because who knows. But I’d be surprised as fuck if I am on them.

Fingers crossed for tomorrow.

Jigger April 08, 2023

Come on, M, you can do this.

sarahbaby. April 09, 2023

Yes ask for packing help for sure!

Narrator April 09, 2023

I'm glad he's doing better and I hope he continues to improve. I get what you mean now, and I agree with sarahbaby about help!

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