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  • April 7, 2023, 12:18 a.m.
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Ever have a day where you can’t seem to make a single wise decision?

Granted, I’ve been working with a fever- alone, of course- for the last couple days, and a minor lack of sleep from other cold symptoms has my brain at, shall we say, less than peak performance. I lost the key to a customer’s house that I had been working in, and wasted a good portion of the day driving around to different places it could be. Back to my house, to check through yesterday’s clothing. To the shop, to see if it fell out. And finally back out to the house itself, in the last ditch chance that I was a big enough moron to just leave it in the door and not lock up. This was plausible, even though I remember distinctly locking the door. Verifying it was locked. Palming the key. And putting the key in it’s spot in my vehicle. It was plausible because I had to run back inside to collect something, and what I did with the key after that quick and unexpected return, I couldn’t remember. I was fully prepared when I pulled in the driveway to walk up to the screen door, fling it open, and see just the barren cold locked door handle with no key in it staring back at me. But much to my delight, the key was there! I had saved myself from embarrassment! I had gotten away wi- Phone rings, it’s the home owner. Hmm, I wonder what they are calling about, and answer. Yeah Hi, she says, My caretaker stopped by last night and found you left the key in the door.

So I didn’t escape embarrassment after all. Fortunately, the caretaker ALSO forgot to lock the door and take the key out, as she was calling to find out if I had to get back inside- since she assumed the caretaker had my key. So at least we both look incompetent. Canceling itself out maybe.

For the rest of the day I cleaned up the job, which took an eternity, and then went to do one more quick and easy one at the end of the day. Right before I finished, I realized I had installed the completely wrong part, and not only that- had damaged the part I installed (deliberately, to make it work) but couldn’t subsequently return it. So I essentially wasted a good hour of my own time, on nothing, with the insult to injury of ALSO charging myself 150 dollars for the pleasure.

I need to start staying home when I’m sick.

Sleepy-Eyed John April 07, 2023

Haha. He's human after all.

anticlimatic Sleepy-Eyed John ⋅ April 07, 2023

lmao, I've been telling you, my friend!

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