april 5 in idea barrages

  • April 4, 2023, 10:37 p.m.
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  1. A TMBG parody about Barnacle Boy still being a superhero sidekick, even in his sixties, called “Barnacle Man”.

  2. January 10th, it’s already Easter in the Stewarts. Poor Thanksgiving and Valentines, they’re just gettin’ bulldozed by the big boys. The smaller holidays need to unionize or, at least, form a non-power conference like in college sports, to stick together.

  3. If you hit on a lady at a Ren faire by singing “LET THE BODICE HIT THE FLOOR, LET THE BODICE HIT THE FLOOR” it’s either gonna really work or REALLY not work. It’s a real swingin’ out your shoes, strikeout or homerun kinda swing.


  5. A Tex-Mex/Japanese fusion dish called “the Seven-Layer Bushido”.

  6. Why be a horror host when you can be a fright attendant?

  7. A shirt that just says “Merry Christmas” but in that weird barely-discernable death metal logo font.

  8. A parody of Bowie’s “Velvet Goldmine” about Texas Roadhouse.

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