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  • April 2, 2023, 2:30 p.m.
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  1. 98% of the people that people say are “on the streets” because of bail reform actually should’ve been in a mental health facility years before crime one, but Reagan dismantled the hospitals to cut taxes on the rich.

  2. A parody of Pearl Jam’s “Daughter” about Hulk Hogan calling everyone “brother”.

  3. We don’t have a crime crisis in America. We’ve a hell of a mental health crisis & an absurd easy-access-to-weapons crisis not a crisis of criminality. If we weren’t so hung up on the absurd logical extensions of individual “rights” & not paying taxes they’d both be fixed quickly.

  4. A hair salon called CRIMPIN’ AIN’T EASY.

  5. It’s like “muscle confusion” in exercise, where they mix up all kinds of workouts to keep the metabolism guessing? Except to strengthen my sleep schedule. Blood that’s half-caffeine and half-diphenhydramine sleep aid. Naps after dinner. I’m working on sleep confusion!

  6. Today’s song to the Olliedog is to the tune of the Inspector Gadget theme: “dun d dun d dun Protector Puppy dun d dun d dun Woof Woof, dun d dun d dun Protector Puppy”

  7. The good news is, if you always wanted to be a grizzled ’20s bluesman, you got seven years to get that done.

  8. If we ever do build moon colonies, the multi-billionaires will just take up residence there to dodge taxes and we’ll call them space evaders.

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