Leaning into serendipity in through the looking glass.

  • April 1, 2023, 8:41 p.m.
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We ran into my aunt on the street today, completely by chance. She lives several states away; we had no idea she was in town. Said it was the first time she had been here since our wedding over eight years ago.

We were miles away from our house, in an area we often visit, but today we had deviated from our regular route. She was picking up a sandwich with a friend from the corner deli, but the deli counter was closed so they decided to take a walk down the street instead.

We ended up in the home of her boyfriend’s son, quietly whiling the afternoon away in a big house with dark wood framing, a house full of little children they are caring for while their parents are away.

Our life is so often frenetic, rushed, overly-scheduled. How lovely it was to have this incredible chance encounter, to feel free to release ourselves entirely from plans and routines and to just be.

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