A Good Month in My Musings

  • March 31, 2023, 2:47 p.m.
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Despite the mood of yesterday’s entry, March was still a good month overall. I was able to gain further insight towards how others perceive me, and what necessary attitude adjustments I need to make - for work and life in general.

I had the chance to speak with my “mentor” at work earlier, where he was able to share his struggles - career, family life, and the pandemic. The way he shared these experiences without any hesitation to me was quite the surprise, but a welcome one at that, considering we’ve only worked together for a month. I was able to open up my reservations to the job, which were mostly a result of the trauma(?) of my past stints. The advice he gave - “assume beneficial intent” really resonated with me.

I was able to share the conversation with Jen, and she had plenty of insightful feedback as well. She mentioned that the past experiences must still really be bogging me down given my walls that are still in place. Certainly food for thought.

Change doesn’t occur overnight, but I’d truly take today’s exchanges to heart and proceed to April with more optimism.

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