A different kind of A Day in Each Day

  • March 23, 2023, 12:39 a.m.
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I expected to be exhausted when I got home today. I swapped one of my days off so I got today off with Red, I work tomorrow and then I’m off for a longish weekend. Red had some pet errands to do, but we also wanted to chill and knit and watch some American Horror Story. After a couple episodes we ended up going to a really nice little cafe around the corner from her house, I got a homemade crueller and a really good cup of coffee. Amid the errands, we also went to A&W for lunch, and drove into the city to pick up new plants (hoya compacta variegata). We also drove back out to my house because Red’s dude wanted some edibles and I had some. There was A LOT of driving, 3 different cities and one rural community, haha.
We had our knitting group tonight, too. We headed to Ikea early and we had the best turn out yet!! 6 people, including Red and I! Two of them were former coworkers and current employees of Red, they’re both lovely. I asked Red if I should friend them on FB and realized I haven’t added a new friend in YEARS (I think Plant Lady who reminds me of AB was the last one in 2021). There was also one woman who is becoming a regular, and another woman, new and just returning to knitting after a few years of not knitting.
For the record, between 6-10 people is ideal for a knit night. Enough people for diversity of conversation/opinions but not so many that you start fracturing into smaller groups/conversations.

When I got home just a while ago I realized that I felt light. I haven’t felt this good after a day out, especially a people heavy day out, since March 2020. I sent both M and Red a text that said, “I am actually blown away at how good I feel after today. Like, psyched, energized, dare I say… happy?”

It was a GREAT day.

sarahbaby. March 23, 2023

You’re back!!! 🥳

Jigger March 24, 2023

That’s lovely. Oh man, I miss my sewing group.

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