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  • March 16, 2023, 1:31 a.m.
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We’re supposed to hang out tomorrow so I can help her with her math GED. I’m excited and nervous, as it’s our first socialization outside of work.

Excited, because duh, I get to spend time with her.

But nervous because of that ubiquitous fear she’ll flake. She’s not much of a texter, and we haven’t hung out yet. Nervous, because it’s an opportunity to clear the air regarding my case of the feels. Might come up. Might not.

What did I decide last September when I met her? It was either pretend I didn’t like her, and risk being a dick. Or just hide in plain sight. Be myself. To trust my character - that she won’t code me as a creep. And if she ends up thinking I’m a terrible person, then she isn’t the person I thought she was. So far, I’d say my judgement call was pretty spot-on.

I remind myself that it was her idea to hang out. I was on break, and she came to me to ask if I’d help her.

When I came in today, she sprung a hug on me and told me what a great morning she had, all proud of herself. Little things like that, well. Actions speak louder than words. I feel so sorry for my online friends who have had to give me textual affirmations, when one simple goddamned moment is all the validation I need.

As I said, terrible texter - so I reminded her, and she send me her address right then.

I wonder if on a long enough timeline I’ll drop the nickname workcrush. At least, I think it’s cute. I mean, imagine it’s ten years down and we stopped working together years ago. What do I call her?



Her name.

alt text

I mean, there’s a difference between someone you work with, and someone you met at work?


Sleepy-Eyed John March 16, 2023

I think she's priming you. The asking to meet, the hug, etc, she's ESCALATING in a way. It doesn't mean she wants to go, but it means she's into something about you, and willing to risk making it more by doing things which muddy the waters. I think asking her a few questions is good. Good luck dude.

Timmy™ Sleepy-Eyed John ⋅ March 16, 2023

Not quite gold star platonic, not quite dating. I've had girl friends who I've been on a hugging basis with. She's not particularly touchy-feely; there's no physical flirting.

Communication is always good. At least away from potential ears, we won't have to watch our volume. We're always cracking jokes, haha.

Sleepy-Eyed John Timmy™ ⋅ March 16, 2023

Right. Ya. I dunno. I hope it works out for ya, or you get a resolution anyway.

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