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  • March 11, 2023, 11:10 p.m.
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We have sunshine. It is only partial, and it will only last a few hours but what a welcome visitation. We had snow and sleet yesterday at the higher elevations here in the city.

I am being lazy today. I have things to do but I noticed yesterday I was having unusual back pain and it was still there this morning. I had this once before and thought maybe I had kidney stones. It was Mrs. Sherlock who told me it was most likely a trapped gas bubble. So, this morning I did all the things…

Drank a bunch of water, did alternate 30 second heat and cold, did wind relieving yoga poses, yes there are such things, did some other movement and took a bath and that resolved it. What a relief.

It might be the antibiotics I am taking for my skin. They are apparently legion for causing GI problems and you are supposed to stay upright for at least an hour after you take them and not have and dairy or protein during that period either. It is always a trade off with drugs isn’t it.

My skin is way better after having the shot and the antibiotics and using a specific targeted cleanser. Fingers crossed I can stop taking them after I finish this round.

Speaking of skin, I only have four more days using the chemo cream on my face for the pre-cancerous spots. Everyone has been asking what I did to my face. Except the other board members, they did not ask. That is kind of Walt’s thing. You can talk about whatever you want but if it was up to him, it would be about art or philosophy or something fun. I get that. He is 84.

I suspect it will take a few more weeks after I stop to heal.

After two full days with the board, I found myself skipping the guys at coffee on Thursday and going for a solitary walk. That is when I took the above picture.

I still don’t have dates for the apartment displacement. Making a choice here to lessen the uncertainty I am assuming they are going to accommodate the dates I gave them. I am going to be able to use the storage area across the hall to put all the boxes with my kitchen contents in them.

It is annoying having this hanging over me like a pall, but I am practicing rolling with it and managing my anxiety.

Every day with Carlo is a discovery. We are both adapting to being alone together. He tried to interfere with class a couple of times this week but mostly he has been a goof ball dream cat. I am not the only one looking forward to getting the outside wall back. His home base is the heated cat bed.

Speaking of class I need to put in some time here to get ready for next week. I taught a series on hips week before last and that was most helpful. This week it will be thighs, the hamstrings, the quads, but also the inside and outside of the thighs to build off the hip material. Last week we used dishtowels to work on our hands, wrists and particularly our forearms.

I try hard to keep everybody from getting bored but there are only so many ways to move our joints.

For those of you experiencing the time change tonight I hope it all goes well.

Maybe, just maybe in our lifetime, they will stop doing it. One can but dream.

Deleted user March 12, 2023

Ugh, sorry you're dealing with this all at once, though I'm glad Carlos is being a dream cat.

But, to back up a minute, wind-relieving yoga poses? Be careful while you're teaching a class. ;-)

Zipster March 12, 2023

I'm the odd duck, I love the time change, it doesn't bother me at all and I'll take "more" light in winter. I do think they should choose a time and stick to it, the back and forth is silly. Maybe a few carbs with those antibiotics will serve as a buffer? I would find the waiting on the wall so annoying. My usual mantra is "this too shall pass" but sooner than later would be so much better.

noko Zipster ⋅ March 12, 2023

I think most people like more light later. I am an early riser though so...

Jinn March 15, 2023

I hate the time changes but I do like it being light later in the day .

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