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  • March 10, 2023, 1:47 a.m.
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First not off the sauce in a week. Of course I can’t sleep. I’ve not read anymore on The Amazing Maurice however I did best God of War: Ragnarok. Odin kills Thor when he refuses to kill me. That was epic. There are still several side missions I have to finish but I’ll get around to them.

We did Red Robin for lunch. Between the hangover, all the water and lemonade I drank I ended up throwing it all up like twenty minutes later. I’m feeling better and was able to keep some rotisserie chicken down. (Twas good.) Ate a thigh and leg with two Hawaiian rolls.

I’m a little bit tired but don’t feel like sleeping. Haven’t had a cigarette all day, either. I really don’t like smoking when hungover. Let’s see if I can make it the three days where the nicotine cravings wear down. I know by day two I’ll be climbing the walls. I’ve got various candies and chewing gum to keep my mind occupied as I’ll be ready to claw someone’s eyes out. I’ve done it cold turkey before so here we go. The tobacco cravings are much worse than the alcohol cravings.

I’m feeling a bit hungry. Might grab more chicken. Yup, food then finish the book. I’ve got probably over twenty to thirty in a pile to read all over the house. If I can quit the booze and start reading a book a day like I was I think I’ll be good. Anyways, the siren song of the fridge is calling to me.

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