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  • Feb. 27, 2023, 6:58 p.m.
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My income tax came in Friday so I treated mom out to Ichiban last night. We both ordered filet mignon and scallops. We split a rainbow roll, the meal came with miso soup and a salad, fresh veggies, noodles and rice. I was SO full when we left. Worth it!

Don’t know if it’s the crappy weather or what but I’ve been lethargic and super tired all day. Zero energy. I’ve napped on and off throughout. Maybe a shower will rejuvenate me.

Saturday I made some bad ass beef and shrimp tacos.

1 pound ground beef
1/2 pound of shrimp
1 lime
1 avocado
Fresh cilantro for flavor

Pick cilantro leaves off stems, set aside.
Boil shrimp till it turns just a little pink. Deshell and cut in half.
Brown meat, drain, add shrimp, cilantro and juice of lime. Cook until shrimp is done, constantly stirring.
Add to a flour tortilla with avocado slices and enjoy! I doused mine in cayenne/habanero/garlic hot sauce. Twas good!

Serves 4

Garnet February 27, 2023

Nice of you to treat your mom like that.

Do you enjoy cooking?

J.E. Garnet ⋅ February 27, 2023 (edited February 27, 2023)


Yes I do but would not want to work in a restaurant 'cause I know I'd end up hating it lol.

Garnet J.E. ⋅ February 27, 2023

Lol I don't blame you. Random, but can you tell me what cilantro tastes like to you? I'm one of those people who taste soap when I eat it.

J.E. Garnet ⋅ February 27, 2023

Kinda citrus-y. First time I ever had it was on some street tacos from the El Cazador taco truck. Authentic Mexican food.

Garnet J.E. ⋅ February 28, 2023

Hmm that does sound good. :)

Sleepy-Eyed John February 27, 2023

I wish I loved cooking!

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