The other Three C's. in The Napkin.

  • Feb. 21, 2023, 6:30 p.m.
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So, I asked workcrush the very coded question of, “Is your husband threatened by me at all. Ya know, a guy being nice to you, buying you gifts.”

She replies, “oh no, he adores you.”

Well, you can’t say I’m not doing anything behind his back. Hell, when I considered buying her urine-absorbant panties, I considered the optics, and just ASKED her how she’s feel about me buying them.

She later said she told her husband, “TIM’S BUYING ME DIAPERS”, and that he was otherwise amused.

So knowing he knew made me feel better.

PS: the panties apparently work, and she’s said they’re all she wears now. Hey, two kids and a weak pelvic floor, she tinkles sometimes when startled or laughing.

Oh. She got her super visor, and she’s amused.

I work with her husband at nights, and yeah, he does seem to like me. I may yet ask him if he’s threatened by me.

Five bucks says he’ll say the classic, “we’re cool as long as you don’t try to fuck my wife”

Who knows. All I know is I’d like to have a clear conscience. He and I don’t need to be best friends, but the sting of my wife leaving me will never go away. I see no point in subjecting him to that.

Communication and consent makes things classy.

Or something.

… someone remind me that my life is far more interesting than my depression says it is, HAHA.

Footnote: my original three C’s are what makes a happy relationship for me: communication, cuddles, and cunnilingus.

Sleepy-Eyed John February 21, 2023


hawkmoon269 February 28, 2023

Urine absorbing panties! Shit I need that. After a twin pregnancy, well, yeah. Mama needs 😆

Timmy™ hawkmoon269 ⋅ February 28, 2023

I can pull up the brand, if you like. I wasn't sure how well they'd work, so I got a not-as-expensivr brand. I mean. Why spend a lot of something to pee on if they don't work?

hawkmoon269 Timmy™ ⋅ February 28, 2023

Actually that would be great! That sounds much nicer than wearing liners

Timmy™ hawkmoon269 ⋅ March 04, 2023

Neione Period Underwear Menstrual...

hawkmoon269 Timmy™ ⋅ March 04, 2023

I appreciate it! Feels really weird to say I'm exited to try them but I am 😆

Also did Dylanne send you the trek meme? I told her to send it to you 😆

Timmy™ hawkmoon269 ⋅ March 05, 2023

Have fun peeing yourself!

And, I don't think so? : (

hawkmoon269 Timmy™ ⋅ March 05, 2023

Oh man! It was funny. Wish it was possible to share in a note lol

Timmy™ hawkmoon269 ⋅ March 04, 2023

See, I'm smart. Black! Because whether it's urine or uterine debris, lighter colors will show stains. Lemme know how they work out? Haha.

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