February Sun in anticlimatic

  • Feb. 15, 2023, 6 a.m.
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What a beautiful Valentines Day. The glorious sun returns. I’m getting used to these warmer winters…though they are causing me to enjoy work maybe a bit too much for one’s own good. I have never been more fulfilled in any other job, including even the cushy job I had processing film and restoring people’s old photos. I still had a boss there (incompetent, typically), and there were a good number of days I felt I was just grinding out the clock. It’s also better than my years working the night shift at the old haunted hotel, when all I had to do was watch movies and fix myself random meals from the various kitchens. Again, I still had a boss, and I always had this lingering sense that I was completely disposable- that a monkey could do it, and I couldn’t really feel secure in it. Also the pay was trash.

Now I wake up with the sun, no alarm. Enjoy some coffee and a little morning read. Shower up, gear up, and hit the road. I always have at least a 20 minute commute, and ill usually stop for some kind of breakfast and sometimes more coffee on the way. I get blasted out on reefer and either listen to music or audiobooks or news. I have no boss, only customers- who I barely ever have to talk to, and when I do they are either worshipping the ground I walk on, giving me money, or setting me up with the next project. The work has now gotten to the point that I’ve done some variation on just about everything I end up doing, though it’s always something different and never exactly the same thing twice. I quit working when I feel like it, or whenever it seems like a good time, and I make a list of my accomplishments to bill out later. I can’t get over how much fun I’m having with it. And no one would ever suspect it.

Been watching reruns of The Office lately, and it’s so surreal to see a semi-normal looking world on full display. And it wasn’t that long ago! A number of odd memories have hit me recently: the smell of my second girlfriend’s trailer, and a lot of the fuzzy peripheral feelings from the era of my 17th year (a very good year). I associate that time with rain on window panes for some reason. I think it was all the time we spent making out in parked cars. Still, that wet sound, and wet feel to the air…I could live forever in that smell.

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