Should I Move? in Whey and Sonic Screwdrivers.

  • Feb. 2, 2023, 3:56 p.m.
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alt textWell, the answer is yes, but it’s still important to meditate on these things before being impulsive. Because previous management didn’t raise rent enough, rent will be going up from $860/month to $1060/month.

Admin said she could maybe get me a smaller apartment in the same complex. Unless I find other housing, that’s my best bet.

I hate moving. At least within the complex, I save on the physical cost of moving. Get my wife and/or Brandon to help me with the big items, and suck it up on the little things.

Maybe this is the push I need, the thing I’ve been waiting for this year.

Ya know, when I moved in here, it was months before I unpacked my boxes.

Tina, this laptop? Got her two years ago. Kept the box it came in right there. :: points :: Hasn’t moved in two years.

Got my new Nokia one year ago. The box it came in, and the box for the phonecase? In the same amazon box right there. :: points ::

I’m not that cluttered.

Things just don’t move with me unless I feel a reason. I’m consistent.

The closest analogy would be… getting a different dorm room in the same complex. You know the area, but you have an opportunity to redecorate.

We’re coming up on three years since Wifey and I separated. 95% of her stuff is gone, so that’s that. Most of the downsizing is already done.

But c’mon, packing is a bitch.

The back room was supposed to be the Gaming Room. Well, I suppose it was when Wifenado was here. I miss playing Super Mario World with my stepdaughter.

I’ve been in some kind of limbo for years now. It’s… interesting to let myself imagine a new living space. What WOULD I like it to be like?

My current bedroom is mostly empty, AS IT SHOULD BE. It’s for sleeping. A bed, and multiple hampers.

I have four cats. As it stands, I can mostly separate them when it’s food-time, so they don’t eat each other’s food. This is probably going to change. Maybe I’ll line up four bowls against a wall, space them out, and then feed them in line as I watch. Whereas right now, I feed them and walk away.

Timmy, what about free-feeding?

When it was just Kira and T’Pol, well. I’ve tried fattening Kira up, and it doesn’t happen. Free-feeding, she’ll autoregulate and be okay. Her sister, though. T’POL WILL EAT EVERYTHING AND GET FAT. And fat cats don’t live as long.

T’pol must live long and prosper.

alt text

My olde flat in Jersey was a one-bedroom, but had a gigantic living room. I could have handled four cats there, no problem. I’ll figure out there position of three litter boxes down the road.

Kitchen space should be about the same.

I doubt it will ever happen. But I’d love if I had a back room decked out in Star Trek decor. Even if it’s lining the walls with LCARS stickies. Basic aesthetics CAN make a difference.

What would I like a new space to look and feel like? What would I name it?

Wifey and I named this place Tir Asleen before we moved in. We uh. Hadn’t factored in what had happened to the kingdom of Tir Asleen.

We would say “Everything will be fine once we get to Tir Asleen.”

I’m a slut for melodrama

A spectrum of doubt VS boldness.

Because, when I’m bold, I am bold.

I really prefer quiet confidence.

Huh. Who has quiet confidence? My three dads. I seriously never thought I’d connect the three.

alt text

alt text

alt text

Sleepy-Eyed John February 02, 2023


Do you live in NYC? I pay 875 CAD for a one bedroom apartment with a balcony. And that seems high to me. My Mom pays 700 CAD and has free laundry, but no balcony.

I hear ya about being in limbo. We don't find our lives, we create our lives. Decorate your damn place dude, make it a sanctuary you love. :)

Timmy™ Sleepy-Eyed John ⋅ February 02, 2023


Deleted user February 02, 2023

When I lived on my own a one bedroom with a big living room was 450.00. I miss the old space.

Timmy™ Deleted user ⋅ February 02, 2023

Was that the 70's.?:

Deleted user Timmy™ ⋅ February 02, 2023

Nope Texas is just cheap in waco.

Timmy™ Deleted user ⋅ February 02, 2023

I was born in 83.

Deleted user Timmy™ ⋅ February 02, 2023

It was in the 2004. I'm 53. Your just a young one :)

Timmy™ Deleted user ⋅ February 02, 2023

You're on the redline to bang me. Talk to enough on the interwebs, and I'm olde.

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