Killing Time in Questions

  • Feb. 1, 2023, 3:57 p.m.
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I don’t really come to this site very often anymore. I don’t have the time to kill usually…and I don’t really have anything very interesting to say.

But I’m alone at the office right now, waiting for the admin to come in and unlock the lab so I can find this tablet I’m supposed to configure, but it has conveniently disappeared because of course it has…so we’re going to look for it.

At this point I don’t even care if we find it or not. I don’t even want to configure the tablet, I just want pizza…

There’s this pizza shop down the boardwalk that I’ve been trying to go to for the last several weeks but it’s closed every time I walk by it. It opens today at 3, so I have another hour…which is just enough time to configure the tablet I suppose.

If I can even find it.

But I just got a message from the admin saying she’s on her way to the office so…I guess I killed just enough time with this entry.


The end.

K bad bye
love ya

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