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  • Jan. 22, 2023, 6:35 p.m.
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I’ve really lucked out on duty weeks. Normally I carry the phone and abstain from intoxicants and that’s the extent of it. This weekend was not that.
Friday we had a snow storm. Thursday night I was told that I wouldn’t be coming in. So when I got a call around 10am on Friday saying I was to expect to come in for 4pm (the storm was supposed to hit at noon), I put my foot down and said that I’m not driving in, in the middle of a snow storm, that I live out of town and I drive a small car. I did not mention that my family has already experienced writing off a vehicle because the military made a bad call during a snow storm. DUDE HUNG UP ON ME.
In the end he closed up shop at 2:30, so I never was going to need to come in.
I feel like it’s not at all a coincidence when I called for backup today that he vaguely “had things to do”. I’m going to have a problem with this guy.
Friday really stressed me out. That interaction, wondering if I’m going to get more calls, wondering how inflexible I was going to have to be with people who outrank me, it really killed my mood. I was also waiting for a call or email with details on when I had to go to work Saturday.
That call never came.
Saturday turned out to be pretty lovely. M and I made an elaborate breakfast. I watched him play a new game (Death Stranding), which turns out to be not very good for the viewer. Then the local plant shop announced an 80% off clearance table and I called up my plant friend, who I just decided to name, “Plant Aunt”, and we met at the shop and wandered around together and talked plants. The hilariously (and frustratingly) me thing was that I had JUST said I was going to get rid of a bunch of plants.
I bought three. Two (Aglaonema siam & golden) were going in the same pot, and the third (sansevieria Lauren) is a super low maintenance plant, so it’s almost like not having a plant at all, right? RIGHT? Right.
The thing is, philodendrons have been my focus since about 2020. But they’re kinda pissing me off these days. I’m thinking of getting into Syngoniums and I’ve been coveting Aglaonema, too. But first I need to narrow my collection down… “first”.
Sunday, today, I had to be AT work for 6am. There was stuff going on until 6:30pm. I was told one of the guys would be my relief, so when I called him to arrange timings, and he said he wasn’t available until 4pm, I was like, fuck. By the time all the equipment gets returned that’s almost a 14h day.
Trying to find my relief aside, it was a good day. I got to do things that actually felt like it mattered. I troubleshot some problems. I felt capable. I don’t feel capable very often. Most of the time my job is not challenging, but without challenges you just kind of languish. I worry about what I will be when I go to a different unit (i.e. useless).
Dude who was supposed to relieve me changed his mind/plans and showed up at the 8h mark.
And I got home in time to enjoy the afternoon and evening with M. It didn’t cut too badly into our time together, and even gave him some time in the house before he leaves for 5 months.

We have 4 days together before he drives away. Two of which we’re both off work.

Bastet arrives 4 days later. I don’t know how I’m not going to end up in bed with her. But given M’s feelings on the subject, I am going to have to practice willpower like I’ve never practiced willpower before.
It will be so good to see her, though. Despite her being absolutely filthy in bed (haha) she’s one of the sweetest people I’ve ever met. She’s one of my core people.

I’m not sure if I mentioned my shoulder? When I was trying to force test prep before December I was doing push ups and something felt off. I thought I’d give it a break for a day, but the next day it felt worse. It never really got better. I went to the doctor on the 9th, that was a whole thing. I finally got a physio referral and the assessment last Tuesday. He says I have tendonitis of two parts of my rotator cuff. I was supposed to have my first treatment Friday, but the storm happened. I have been in a considerable amount of pain. I normally sleep on this shoulder, which makes it so much worse, and even though it hurts like fuck I keep finding myself waking up on that side.

Anyway… that’s enough for now. :)

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