Day 2 (2nd Jan): Buenos Aires in Antarctica and Argentina Travel log

  • Jan. 18, 2023, 4:50 p.m.
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It was a lazy day. We slept 10 hours last night, and woke up at 8am. There was a piece of paper slipped under the door overnight, from Hurtigruten, with check-in instructions for us. The check-in started at 10, so we had a lazy morning (I tried the bidet in the bathroom after a large breakfast). There was a line at the check-in - it turned out a lot of passengers also had the same idea as us, and stayed an extra night at this hotel - so we had a short wait for covid test (which was negative, yay) and instructions to get to our chartered flight the next day. and met some fellow passengers. We learned that the ship is only 70% full, so there were only 2 flights. We are on the late one, but we need luggage out by 8pm tonight, for a 4:30am pickup to the 7:30 flight. So we will get little sleep.

We got lunch at a cafe nearby (La Professeure’s high school spanish came in handy, as English is not as widely-spoken here), then we spent an hour debating tipping and finding my hat (in same compartment, just hiding) and then walked to Recoleta cemetery. The hotel is very close by, we started at 1:40, and got there by 2pm. But we waited in line for 20 mins for entrance, and spent an hour there. Some of the burial plots were better-maintained than others. We scoped out restaurants near the hotel on our walk back, which was a good practice for hiking in the snow. We got back at 4pm, had a drink at the bar, visited the solarium of the hotel, then went out again for dinner again at 5.

Dinner was an hour and a half, so we were back at 6:30 to shower and pack. At this point I was worried àbout making the luggage time because there were lots of logistics questions about what to checkin vs carry on at Ushuaia, since the weather is different, and we won’t see our checked-in luggage until we reach the ship. It took me 40 mins… since I had unpacked a lot of stuff. But I made it. We settled the bill, and then met up with La Professeure’s childhood friend and her husband. I watched Match of the Day at 10 then slept at 11… so that should give me 4 hours.

Carlos Pellegrini’s mausoleum:

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