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  • Jan. 14, 2023, 7:23 a.m.
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The view from the Faculty Dental office yesterday. My place is just out of frame to the left. I have to cross all those freeways to get down to the clinic. We have pedestrian bridges. They tore down some wonderful neighborhoods to put those freeways in. And now everybody is talking about less car (and truck centric) city centers. I have something to say to all those city planners and decision makers back there about now. I bet folks will have something to say to us 80 years from now.

I made it through my surgery, lots of stitches. I go back to two weeks for a post op appointment. Then I heal for 4 months.

Diego had a bad morning yesterday. I contacted the vet and got an email back at 7PM last night as I was in bed with my trusty ice pack saying I could come down this morning for a med and diet for him. It is not going to happen. We’ll figure it out. They are closed today. The vet tech, who is in working with the boarded cats was going to make an exception for me and I appreciate that.

We just need to get him stable. It will happen. But the process is no fun.

I had a good speech therapy session on Wednesday. She gave me this device called “The Breather” that I will use to build specific respiratory muscles to help with supporting my voice. There was a research scientist in the room too. She was lovely. I feel privileged and grateful to get this kind of attention to improve my vocal quality.

At the end she had me read this printed sheet with some text about rainbows. This was after I had been practicing the breath support for about 40 minutes. Because I have a lot of practice reading poetry publicly and I took voice acting class for that back in the day and I had seen this material before I glided through it.

I was totally chuffed when they both said I read it better than they had ever heard it read before. You don’t get much chance at 68 to excel at things, honestly, and they have patients read this every day. Go me.

It means the work is paying off. But I still have a way to go. I will never have a melodious voice, for teaching but I can have an effective one.

Then when I got home, the very well know actor facilitator guy that runs the old man’s book group and the Shakespeare in the Prisons program locally had sent me an email asking if I had an idea about what we can talk about and read to each other in our meeting tomorrow.

I replied that it would be cool if we could read and suggest writings about hope.

In the email I mentioned a couple of poems I had read recently to my students and about this idea from the assistant attorney general, Venita Gupta, that hope is a discipline. He forwarded my email to the whole group. Eek. Anyway, that is what I will be doing tomorrow afternoon.

And yesterday, a quite well-known poet, that I have taken a couple of workshops with and had the privilege of being paired with at a bookstore reading about 15 years ago sent me a friend request on Facebook.

The universe seems to be pointing me in the direction of more visibility in the broader world. Double eek. I need to make the time to write poetry again.

Oh, and I suggest the profile of Bill Nighy, “Master of Indirection” in the New York Times. It is wonderful. And he is dating Anna Wintour??? Who knew.

Deleted user January 14, 2023

I admire you for how you go through so much with such courage. I agree about the traffic there. Wow! Reminds me of images I have seen of Chinese highways. You are a strong person. You will get through this with a quick recovery, I believe :-)

noko Deleted user ⋅ January 14, 2023

Thank you!

Deleted user noko ⋅ January 14, 2023

You are welcome. I do admire your strength and I believe integrity as well as how active you are you don't let life get you down.

mcbee January 15, 2023

I can't imagine going through the dental procedures you are having. Teeth, however, are important. Both cosmetically and functionally.
I sympathize more than usual this week because just a crown prep has caused me pain and difficulty eating for almost a week now. I just don't know how you do it. I do hope you are feeling better now. And that Diego is on the upswing.

Zipster January 16, 2023

Your dental procedure has reminded me to be grateful for the general ease I have had in that department. I just can't imagine. Will this recovery period involve dietary restriction as well. I love Bill Nighy. I hope I can get to that article. Hope is so important. I find it hard to maintain these days and find not following the news helpful in the regard, but distressing in others. Yes to doing more poetry.

noko Zipster ⋅ January 16, 2023 (edited January 16, 2023)


Bill Nighy is doing a lot of press for this movie, so I suspect you can find something.
Yes to the dietary restriction. I look and sound fine as I heal. I do have to be quite careful about what I eat and am taking antibiotics and using an antiseptic rinse that I can't drink anything or eat anything after for a half know...protocols. One adapts.

janeanger January 17, 2023

This is all so exciting. How wonderful to see your work come to fruition in these ways.

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