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  • Dec. 1, 2022, 3:53 p.m.
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Thanksgiving went well. We’ve found our happy medium amount of food for the holidays. No one will be stuck with huge amounts of leftovers. The morning was a mess because even after making sure it was in the fridge early enough, the turkey was still solid. I woke Rocky because I was upset about it. Settled on a cold water thaw and went to Food Lion to find an alternative. They had some Turkey breasts all thawed so we went with one of those. Had mom bring up a cooler for the turkey, she took it home to cool later.

Monday we had our 6 month check-ups without PCP.... Rocky talked about his chest still bothering him and he seemed to shrug it off. When it was my turn I asked for someone to talk to about possible dermatillomania as well as the aforementioned anxiety and depression. I also said something along the lines of “I think I eat more when my hands aren’t busy” so he added an eating disorder to the list of things to discuss.

Had my 6 month visit with the Neurologist yesterday. Rocky would like me to move up to a once-a-month shot for the migraines but I’m against it and she agreed with me. I feel like I”m in a place where, with medication and the job change, I’ve been able to manage it. I don’t want there to be some side effects I can’t handle. She said that we can still go up on the current medication if it becomes less effective as well as the shot being an option in the future.

While I was in the waiting room for the Neuro I got a call about the counselor. I have my first appointment the 30th of December. I’m already nervous and excited. Maybe we can figure some things out together.

Sammy plans on coming home for Christmas. He will be here the 18th-30th.

I find more and more often my heart needs to hear Jakes voice. Just… a reassurance. Just a moment, just the specific timber of his baritone. My heart leaps at notifications that don’t even turn out to be messages from him lol ..... during the week I still get some Jake time. Mostly a phone call or text messages....I wish it was more all the time. To hear his heart beat… his skin on mine.... sigh

and here I stay.... trying to get things in order and sort things out that in my 42 years I haven’t even started.... go me!....

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