Wizard's Dungeon (4:04 AM) in Hello

  • Nov. 28, 2022, 4:15 a.m.
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Spider-Man: No Way Home is on. This is the second Marvel movie I’ve watched tonight. Avengers Endgame was on much earlier.

To everyone who offered comfort in my last entry, thank you. I am going to turn myself in but I need to contact a lawyer and a bail bonds guy. I know I’ll be in the metro jail being processed AT LEAST five hours. The only thing that might help my case is I didn’t do a field sobriety test or breathalyzer.

I am going to the doctor today for two things. A steroid shot because my tendonitis in my knee is getting worse and second for a ‘script of librium for alcohol withdrawal. I stayed fucked up after the accident and didn’t drink at all tonight. Heart palpitations, sweats and anxiety are real.

I’m tired of doing stupid things and wondering why my life sucks all the time. This is gonna be very difficult but it’s this or basically give up and die.

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