NJM #23 - Where My Heart Hurts in These Foolish Things

  • Nov. 23, 2022, 9:38 p.m.
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Worked a long day today. A lot of things happened. Some highlights include:

  • Giving my phone number to a smoking hot dude only to get shirtless pics (whyyyyy???)
  • Having some dude tell me how beautiful I am and wrap his arms around me as I was trying to help him (Um. Fuck you and get your hands off me.)
  • My fitbit reads 23,324 steps (10.23 miles without a workout today)
  • Still not feeling like I know WTF I’m doing

But the thing that really broke my heart today was getting to the end of my shift and pulling out my phone (I don’t have my phone on me when I’m on the sales floor), and seeing a text from my next door neighbor saying my dog is crying - likely because it’s raining with lots of thunder and she’s scared. And then she asked me if I wanted her to go get Martini and bring her over to her place.

And even though I was about 30 minutes from getting home, I said yes, please go get Martini and I’ll be home soon.

My poor traumatized baby! She’s not used to being home alone during a rainstorm! I just can’t stand to think about it. But I’m going to have to do it again on Black Friday when it’s supposed to rain all day again.


My neighbor told me she’d be around and is happy to come rescue her again, and I appreciate that so much. But I need to figure out how to keep my baby dog ok when I leave her home regardless of the weather.

Anyway. Tomorrow is Thanksgiving. I gotta rest my weary feet.

colder 4 days ago

You traveled further than these world cup players do during a match! That's a lot of stepping!

Poor pup, but thankful for good neighbors!

Jinn 4 days ago

That was a long, demanding day :-(

Jinn 4 days ago

Happy Thanksgiving !

sudare 4 days ago

That must have been a long day!

pandora 4 days ago

Aw poor martini!! Thank god for sweet neighbours.

Ugh why are some men so gross.

plushcreep 4 days ago

At this rate you may never need to do an actual workout again!

Complicated Disaster 4 days ago

Poor Martini!! </3
23k steps is a proper workout! Good stuff.
And booooooo to crap guys!

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