NJM 23 - Hopefully nothing in Each Day

  • Nov. 23, 2022, 7:39 p.m.
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What will you never understand no matter how many times it’s explained to you?

I knee-jerk wanted to say “Algebra” or even broader, “math”. But I do actually hope that’s untrue.

I will never understand how people can believe that the choices of others reflect on them. If you believe that if you have an abortion you’re going to go to hell… how does me choosing to have an abortion/go to hell have any impact on you? I know it was never about saving babies and everything about controlling women’s bodies, so I guess I don’t understand women specifically who want to ban abortions.

In a similar vein, how does who I marry have any impact on your life? How does my marriage detract from the sanctity of yours?

How does a trans person merely existing have any effect on your life? What, does that momentary discomfort of gender discord make you so insecure that you lash out in hate and fear?

How does a person asking for bodily security in public, a living wage, to be able to feed themselves or their kids, or secure housing somehow make life worse FOR YOU?

That will never make sense to me.

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