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  • Nov. 18, 2022, 9:01 p.m.
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I decided today was the day to tackle three of my most beloved t-shirts that I had inadvertently managed to stain. One is this simple black short sleeved crew neck that has a discreet (small) Christmas tree in sequins in the center of the chest. This is my idea of festive wear.

My oldest sister found it in a thrift store. Not only do I love it for its simplicity, it also reminds me of her and her unique ability to find perfect things for me for very little money. (I have a raspberry-colored velour sweatshirt for the same reason.) At a potluck in the before-times I got a grease stain on it.

And as with favorite comfortable clothes I wore these other two navy t-shirts all the time. They are exactly the same except for the fact that they both had minor stains on them in different places. One I know was a melted butter splatter.

I cleaned out the bucket I keep in my bathroom and added some stain remover and soaked them for 6 hours. Then I washed them.

When I started the dryer, all this fluff started floating around and I smelled hot metal. Terrified there was an electrical fire I stopped it immediately. It looks like the metal tubing connecting the machine to the duct has split. I know you folks in other places don’t have dryers so I could use some support. I now have wet clothes, tea towels and socks hanging all over the place.

Turns out the pull up bar is useful in yet another way.

As an aside, it does look like I got the stains out.

I could try duct taping the duct tube. I will put in a maintenance request. I was using the dryer top as mask central. All the variations on cloth masks, surgical masks, KN95s and duck masks, a.k.a. N95s.

I was at a corner waiting to cross a street wearing a duck mask yesterday and a guy driving a truck with a phone in his hand wanted to turn right and he had to wait for me as I had the light and he yelled something at me. It wasn’t until I got safely to the other corner (big street, many lanes) that I realized he was yelling at me because I was wearing a mask.

All the masks have now been moved. I need a storage container for them.

Christmas idea. :)

Thanksgiving can not be over soon enough. This is my least favorite week of the year. This year I had it all figured out as the surgery was scheduled for last week. I stay home, eat soft things, and hunker down to heal. But that is not happening.

Who knows when they are going to call me to reschedule. In the meantime, I now have a special surgical wash and an antibiotic lotion. My skin is better, less painful, but is still taking a fair amount of maintenance and care. The antibiotic lotion cost $85. Ouch.

Once again, it all proves the point, we do all the things and then stuff happens.

And we roll with it.

Yesterday I watched a virtual gathering of well-known American poets give readings of other people’s poems. It was an interesting and eclectic mix. I have only met one of them in person. I did manage to snag a poem to read to my class this morning.

Today I watched another live gathering of all the people in various roles around the country (and Australia) who are involved in the Shakespeare in the Prisons initiative. There was one lively guy who has taught a blend of Kundalini Yoga, Acting and Shakespeare in this one prison for 10 years.

I was introduced to some more about all the people involved in the documentary I saw a few months back. There were even some prison administrative folks on the call, as well as a couple of scholars. They were talking about how every Monday the bass player from the band the Decemberists goes to this one short term facility and works with the incarcerated folks in a hip hop lab. He is a rock guy, and he is learning as much from them as he is being an inspiration.

There is a link to the documentary that is live until the 27th. Leave me a private note if you would like to watch it. They also got it scheduled for a film festival in Sebastopol in March.

I may be a little out of sorts but at least I am getting some culture.

This world is full of amazing interesting engaging things, come to think of it.

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Jinn November 19, 2022

Definitely get the maintenance people to deal with the dryer .
You are so right that the world is full of interesting things to learn about . I fall down that rabbit hole most days :-)

Deleted user November 19, 2022

Yikes! Yes, that business with the dryer is scary.

And may 100 ducks fly over that guy's car and competely shellac it, heh.

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