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  • Nov. 18, 2022, 9:37 a.m.
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I know I’ve been quiet and I always apologize and promise to do better.... I’ve been busy.... I officially quit at Envision and have taken on full time work with DoorDash.... I say full time but that is subjective. As an early riser and being self-motivated, I find this work very pleasing. I am the one who gets the benefits when I put in more time. Unlike every other job I’ve ever done.

Quitting my old job was an easy choice. I can’t go back to factory work. With Doordash if I”m having a bad day I just quit for the day.... or long enough to take some meds and a nap… it’s working out well.

The unused vacation pay covered the outstanding medical bills. Rocky used plasma money to pay for his colonoscopy and some work to my car.... really nothing is fixed when it comes to the key getting stuck but $500 later we were taught how to turn of the security thing that was causing the problem. I can now get the key out and don’t have to unhook the battery which is all I was asking for.

After the yard sale mom set us up for a craft show that is tomorrow! I have been working on brick stitch earrings and will upload some pics for ya’ll in a pic-heavy entry in a bit (today though promise). I’m excited and nervous. I don’t know what to price them at and mom is going to give her feedback when I go down later today.

Today from 4-7 they are allowing set up.... the show is 8-2 ....

I’ve worked hard this week to hit my $450 goal in Door dash so that I can take the time off for the show. I’ve been planning for Sundays off.... and after all responsibilities have been met I become responsibly irresponsible and enjoy some high time.

Rocky has been no more affectionate than a Rock ..... and Jake is still my weekend relief. Every day I wonder more and more about why I’m here and not in MI enjoying the attention.

My last DR. visit for my Cochlear implant showed 93% recognition with the implant up from 75% the visit before. So that was exciting.

Last night I was laying in bed when I got an FB message from a blast from the past. Once upon a time my father had a leather shop in Flint, MI. Next door in a duplex there was a gun shop. The guy who ran it had 4 kids.... well 2 that were his and 2 that belonged to his wife who weren’t there all the time.... or some such thing. The youngest she couldn’t have been but 5 years old? maybe 6.... she messaged me last night! We talked momentarily and she asked me if she could tell ghost stories from the farmhouse on a podcast she’d just started. She didn’t need permission from me.... but it was cool she hunted me down to ask. She had some questions about what happened and why we just disappeared which I will bring up with mom over the weekend and get back with her. Her podcast is just getting started but you can find it here. I am anxious to listen to it when I get some time as well and talk to her more. So exciting.

Okay.... I think that’s it for now… I”m going to try to get some pictures up and work on some reindeer .... that I will hopefully finish before 6am tomorrow lol

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