dream I had in Second 1st

  • Nov. 18, 2022, 7:14 a.m.
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I was in some situation where I needed to escape and in order to get the things I needed for whatever spell I needed I had to use 3 clues to get 2 item but I’d done it all before somehow so I skipped the first one. The second one I was faced with foes I sliced with a sword and received the favor of some giants. The second one I don’t recall doing but suddenly I had supernatural powers.

I was at a party with 1,000s of other supernatural beings… There were 3 groups… I have no idea what was different about these groups but they were all mingled. Group 1 was “my friends” group 2 was “my enemies” and group #3 was a group made up of both that wanted nothing more than to sow distrust and hatred between the 2. In order to do that they made some kind of curse stone. I’m not entirely sure the “groups” were a thing till these stones came into play now that I think about it. Mostly because I have no idea why “my enemies” were enemies. The curse stones were the size of your pinky nail and shaped like skulls. The sowers had dropped them throughout the party and it caused people to fight. I slayed several beings with my sword. .... Then I tried something.

I tried to pull energy from the air with my hands. Feathers formed in a ball in between my palms and suddenly through some effort everyone took on colors.... well “my friends” had colors and “my enemies” were black and white.

I’m sure this somehow hurt the enemy because we (my friends) won.... sort of… everyone was able to separate. Though we all had some kind of supernatural power there was no distinct visual difference. Once we were separating....

It was months later a party in a huge mansion. Again, everyone, there is supernatural. No one belongs to wherever I was trying to escape… everyone is getting along. I go to a small room.... there are maybe 20 people in there and I again draw power from the air with my hand and create a ball of 2 lights. Both like fire, one of a light blue and one of orange. The people in the room draw in breath and look at me. I say “just testing something” and move on.

Suddenly, I”m in his arms. Buff chest, and strong arms leaned against a wall. Someone comes up on his other side and looks at me. The second man looks at my ringless hand on the man’s chest and looks at the man I’m cuddling on and says “Man you are lucky.” I step away for a moment. The room had gotten loud and I could hardly enjoy the fire between me and the man I’m holding. I again draw energy from the air. It’s a much larger room there were thousands of folks. It was a tad more difficult and whatever incantation I whispered I had to run through it 3 times to get the energy I needed for everyone to light up. Each consumed with its own fire, either light blue or orange. They gasped collectively and went quiet. When I returned to my love, another had taken my place.... begging for his attention and he was giving it. I walked away and the dream was over....

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