NJM 13 - in Each Day

  • Nov. 16, 2022, 2:28 a.m.
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Who would you love to see again, and is there anything in particular you’d want to say or do?

The obvious answer is my dad. But there’s so many people I don’t have in my life anymore, and not all of them are dead. I have a really hard time thinking about wanting to see dad again, it’s impossible. I have spent years processing this fact. It’s been 18 years now since he’s been gone. There are too many things to be said, we’ve missed out on so much life.

I think I would love to see my Oldest Bestest. I haven’t seen her since… 2020, I think, when I made that mad dash home before the home province became a covid hot zone. There isn’t anything we haven’t said to each other, but it would be nice to say some of those things in person. I’ve realized over this last year since my ADHD diagnosis how lucky I was to have one single friend, as a child. Without her friendship, my life would be completely different. I have said this to her, because I do try to share my feelings with the people I love, I don’t care how emotional or trite people may find me. If I died tomorrow there are very few people who wouldn’t know how I felt about them. I am pretty proud of this fact.

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