NJM 10 - change in Each Day

  • Nov. 14, 2022, 7:10 p.m.
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What’s something you’ve had a complete change of stance on, and why?

The Military.

Before I met M, when mom told me “a Canadian Soldier is always welcome at my dinner table”, I told her, “Fury girls don’t date soldiers”. Boy I ate those words pretty fast.
I knew nothing about the military. I loved my country, I observed Remembrance Day, but I didn’t know anyone in the military, or the kids of anyone in the military. All I knew was what was on the news and it didn’t impress me.

Obviously getting serious with M changed all of that. Not only did I know a ton more people in the military, I knew a ton more about the military. If I wanted M in my life, the military was going to be in my life. And I was fine with that.

Of course once my opinions weren’t being regurgitated from the nightly news, I now had opinions on what the military was doing. So another 180 was moving away from ideological peacekeeping. These days I believe the military should be doing more at home. We have tens of thousands of people trained to do specific things, and yet on a daily basis many are not doing their actual jobs. Why can’t the construction engineers help with infrastructure, or housing? What if the techs worked on commercial aircraft (how many times has the government bailed out Air Canada?) there’s lots of other applications for the different trades in the different elements that could help us improve the country. It’s not a perfect idea, obviously. But I still think it has merit.

And lastly, I used to believe that world peace was possible, and that a military wasn’t necessary. I don’t believe that anymore. And that makes me sad.

(yes, it’s taken me 4 days to write this. It has been a WILD weekend. I will catch up, don’t worry)

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